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What is known about the van Wessel genealogy?
Well here it is the real van Wessel data, the stuff that you have been looking for and the stuff we like to get more of. The current version of the database (12 December, 2002) holds information about 1,500 individuals and 537 families. This is currently the largest on-line van Wessel database in the world. The 250+ webpages were generated with GED2HTML (Registered Version 3.6 for Windows). The GEDCOM file was produced directly from Legacy 4.0. Data was entered by Cornelis van Wessel. This database contains basic information about living van Wessels, as this is the only way to find links with living people. This information contains full names, birth, christening and death dates as well as the wedding dates. Parrents and children can be traced (where available). If you like to be removed from the on-line database, please let us know. Further information for a small number of individuals is kept in our off-line database, please contact us to see what we have on file.

Index Aalte Jansz -- to -- Gerritje KOS

Index Hendrik KOS -- to -- Jan Willem VAN WESELE

Index Willemsen Gijsbertse VAN WESELE -- to -- Willem Assie ZWAAN


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