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van Wessel (2)

Description. Shield: Gules cross formée fitchée (red broadarmed cross) on argent (silver) with below it 3 or (gold) six-pointed stars on an azure champain (shieldbase). Mantling and Wreath: gules, argent, azure and or. Crest: Single or six-pointed star. Motto: Honestum gaudium dolori preferendum est (An honoust hapiness is prefered over suffering).

Johannes van Wessel (Bernefeldensis), scribebat de 10 majus anno 1656. [31*.2 Oct., 1655] (1)

Sources: (Dutch sources have not been translated)

Information found in 'Album Studiosorum Academiae Gelro-Zutphanicae MDXCLVIII-MDCCCXVIII' Accadunt nomina curatorum et professorum per eadem secula, cura D. G. van Epen; University Library Utrecht; Hagae Comitis apud JACOBUM HOEKSTRA MCMIV, with the following entries:

1656: Recore Francisco Jacobo Cochio; Dec.18. Johanus A Wessel, Barneveld. J. — 1658: Rectore Arnoldo Schoene; Apr.16 Johannes A Wessel, Barnev.-Gelr. J. Cand. — Rectore Magnifico Arnoldo Schone promoti sunt doctores. In jure 11 Junij, 1658 Johannes a Wessel, Barneveldia Gelrus, promotus publice, promotore d. Arnoldo Schone. — 1662: Rectore Michaele Wolferdo; Aug.26 Jacobus van Wessel, Barneveld.-Gelr.Ph. — 1664: Rectore ?; Dec.15 Johannes a Wessel, J.U.Dr dedit 12 Staf. — 1689: Rectore ?; Apr.29 Johannes van Wessel, harderv.Th. — Recore Johanne Meyero; Apr.21 Johannus van Wessel, harderovico-Gelrus.L.

Information from "Het Album Promotorum van de Academie van Hardewijk", adapted by Mr. Otto Schutte, Library Rijks Universiteit, Utrecht, Vereeninging 'Gelre', Arnhem, 1980; "De Wapenboeken der Gelderse-Overijsselse Studentenverenigingen" by Mr. Otto Schutte.

Comments: This is one of two 17th century students (see also Jacobus van Wessel) using a similar coat of arms. Wether these were acquired (as fasion commanded) or based on a family tradition is not known. Reference to Barneveld are consistent with what we know. And one of our family members does move to Harderwijk, although that nearer the end of the 17th century. (CTvW)

As a little aside ... Mr. Otto Schutte is my 7th cousin, a descendent of Elberta van Wessel and Rijkert Jan Appeldoorn (Married 31 Mar 1776 in Hierden, NL). I first came across Otto's name on 18 October, 1976 in the Library in Hilversum, it was also my first encounter with genealogy. I had found the first 'van Wessel' printed in a book ("Kwartierstatenboek 1958', pag. 256 - Kwartierstaat Schutte-Appeldoorn).

a.) van Wessel

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