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4.1. coat of arms ...
Is there a Coat of Arms in the family?
As far as we know they have only been used by two 17th century students Jacobus and Johannes van Wessel. Other examples are dubious and most likely not related to the family. Further research in the enigmatic baron and the 'knight' may bring up new material. Below are listed four examples, two of which are related to the name van Wessel proper with a link to Barneveld. The other two are very dubious (see also comments on the coat of arms pages. There also appears to be a coat of arms for a 17th sheriff ? van Wessel in Scherpenzeel (not traced yet).

4.1.1 Jacobus van Wessel (17th century)

4.1.2 Johannes van Wessel (1655)

4.1.3 Wesel (?)
4.1.4 Govert van Wessel (Wesele) Rochusz. (1705)

4.1.5 van Wessel, (17th century sheriff in Scherpenzeel)
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