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After the succes with the searchengine listings back to genealogy. I have to thank Gerard Dikker for some additional material on the family (in exchage for a number of generations of VAN WESSELs in his pedigree). Thanks for the GEDCOM Gerard.

27-DEC-2002Work behind the scenes has paid off. Searches for "van wessel genealogy" and "van wessel" "genealogy" will list number 1 on the Google search. Also frontpage hits for just "van wessel" on Google (6) and Yahoo (4). Excite and AOL give frontpage listings for these search words and phrases. This should help people to find this website. It can be done in about a month (without paying a penny).

23-DEC-2002Some further links added to the Directory Index (some of these will move to a links page). Also URL submission to a range of genealogy websites. Received various positive responses about the website. Started some Dutch pages (be patient). Also implemented a powerful Atomz searchengine for this website. The basic search is placed on the homepage, the advanced search has it's own page.

14-DEC-2002 — Some structural changes to the website. All English pages now live in the same folder. Dutch language pages will follow later. If you use cached pages, please refresh regularly.

14-DEC-2002 — Many thanks for that genlias tip Arwi. it helped to add 2 further generations to my father-in-law's pedigree (BAKKER-HAK-GOTTENBOS-KOELEMAN) and some related family. These lines have not been researched by living descendants as far as I know, all we have came from my in-laws. Also plenty of VAN WESSEL material to check against the database. If you haven't used it yet, try searching through the 5.7 million Dutch names on the website of the Rijksarchiefdienst (www.genlias.nl ) with records between 1811 and approx. 1945.

12-DEC-2002 — First external reaction to this website (bedankt Maarten). Let's hope many more will follow.

11-DEC-2002 — The latest genealogical database is now available containing 1,500 individuals including 350 van Wessels. This is now the largest on-line van Wessel database anywhere in the world.

6-DEC-2002 — A lot of work is going on behind the screens (mainly van Wessel data entry), so changes to the site will happen slowly. Here is a small article about the origin of the name of the Hanzetown Wesel in Germany, which has often been pointed to as the source of the name Wessel (I wish to differ).

4-DEC-2002 — The first dirctory material is now on line: "van Wessel" in the Dutch on-line Telephone Directory and "van Wessel" seaches in other on-line sources .

30-NOV-2002 — Some work in the backround on Directories and Sitemap, they will go on-line soon. Tangents index and Wessel-in-it are now on-line. Few security loops closed by redirecting pages.

29-NOV-2002 — Implementation of 'secure' pages witch password protection (on the homepage click password access and enter 'visitor' as the password). This is relatively secure and it allows us to place customised ad-hoc data on-line for limited access only. A guestbook has also been set-up, so if you'd like to leave a message ... your welcome. It is a fairly basic system (reload the page to see your enrty) but it does work (shame about the table border, can't control that for the moment).

28-NOV-2002 — Currently running tests with GED2HTML to produce the webpages with the core of this website, the genealogical database. It's looking good and data may be on line soon. You can preview the 250 pages of genealogical data for the next 10 days.

25-NOV-2002 — Placed on-line: What's New page (this page); new coat of arms van Wesele of Bruges ; slight changes to coat of arms colour; 5.1.4a. van Wesel van den Honert ; Update of home page.

24-NOV-2002 — Placed on-line: 1.2. The Hamlet of Wessel ; 1.2.1. Historic Notes about the Hamlet of Wessel (Dutch); 5.1. Coat of Arms Index + associated pages 5.1.1. , 5.1.2. , 5.1.3. , 5.1.4. ; 5.1.4b Andreas Vesalius van Wesele (Dutch); Update of home page.

23-NOV-2002 — Placed on-line: Opening page; Home page ; 1.1. Introduction (draft); First burst URL submissions to all major (and lesser) search engines (205) + optimisation tests; Update of home page.

22-NOV-2002 — Set-up vanwessel group with MSN (http://groups.msn.com/vanwessel ) which has a mailiglist and a good private chat facility (http://groups.msn.com/vanwessel/chat.msnw ).

12-NOV-2002 — Domain registration for vanwessel.org and set-up of subdomain genealogy.vanwessel.org (www.vanwessel.info was registered separately); Set-up counter with NedStat other pages will be monitored separately.

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